Theo Burrows

The Tax Faculty: Technical Advisor

Theo Burrows is a seasoned Tax Practitioner with over 30 years of experience in the corporate, non-profit, and small business sectors. In addition to being a practising independent tax practitioner, he serves the tax community as a technical advisor for The Tax Faculty.

The combination of ongoing tax education and practical experience enables him to competently address more complex tax issues of both individuals and organisations. He draws on all these skills and combines them with in-depth knowledge and understanding of the tax environment to provide tax advisory services to both taxpayers and tax practitioners.

Events that was hosted by Theo Burrows

Event Start Date CPD Hours Status
How to navigate systemic issues identified by the... 20 June 2023 1
Coming Soon
Ensuring Fair and Equitable Taxation: A Conversati... 13 April 2023 1
Event Past

Webinars on Demand presented by Theo Burrows

Title Hours
Ensuring Fair and Equitable Taxation: A Conversation with the Office of the Tax Ombud 1
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