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Tax Training for you and your business team

Support your practice and staff with the full suite of training and technical resources!

The Tax Practice Training & Resource Centre subscription provides you and your employees with access to best-in-class training and technical solutions to serve your clients with confidence.

What are the benefits of Tax Training?

  • Support trainees or juniors with just-in-time learning videos via flexible eLearning
  • Support managers to maintain knowledge and skills to remain professionally competent.
  • Training is offered as live webinars and always available at any time on your Catch Up profile, therefore no need to watch it live and miss important client issues.
  • Firms can choose what is relevant and compulsory for their staff
  • Professionals get required annual tax CPD training
  • SAIT, SAICA and SAIPA trainees receive compulsory logbook tax training.

This solution includes:

  • Online learning tracking portal to manage your staff training
  • Access to live webinars
  • Access to webinars on demand (Catch UP)
  • Just-in-time learning videos via flexible eLearning, including tax technical and practice management topics
  • Access to The Tax Faculty's Technical Resource Centre:

What is included in your subscription plan

Manager and Partner training is offered as live webinars and always available at any time on your Catch Up profile. Training for students / trainees is offered as flexible eLearning. All training topics in this practice solution will also be available for viewing on the Technical Resource Centre

Cost structure:

Monthly cost:

  • 3 - 5 users: R199 per user per month
  • 6 - 20 users: R169 per user per month
  • 21 - unlimited users: R139 per user per month

Yearly cost:

  • 3 - 5 users: R2 388 per user per year
  • 6 - 20 users: R2 028 per user per year
  • 21 - unlimited users: R1 668 per user per year*

*Moore offices & The Tax Shop Franchisees will receive this option, even though each individual office will sign up as their own practice. If you have a network contact to find out how you can benefit from this pricing model.

Technical Resource Centre

The Technical Resource Centre service includes:

  • Acces to technical FAQs 
  • Technical support from our experts
  • Online tax legislation
  • Principles: SARS Dispute Resolution
  • Principles: Trust Taxes
  • Planning for High Net Worth Individuals
  • Tax 2020: The Tax Migration vs Financial Emigration
  • Principles: Provisional Tax
  • How to manage Tax Risks
  • Accounting for trusts and deceased estates
  • How to thrive in the fourth industrial revolution (4IR)
  • How to complete the ITR12 
  • How to complete the VAT201
  • How to complete the ITR14 
  • How to complete the ITR14SD
  • Effective handling of SARS queries and audits
  • Principles: Payroll taxes and administration
  • Principles: Taxation of Individuals
  • Principles: CGT
  • Principles: Taxation of farming enterprises
  • Introduction to eFiling
  • Principles: VAT
  • Principles: interest free loans (Section 7C)
  • How to reduce SARS penalties & interest
  • eFiling training
  • Immigration Accounting
  • GRAP
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