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Embark on a rewarding journey in the field of tax specialisation with the Tax Career Centre. Our platform offers comprehensive resources and expert guidance to help you thrive in this diverse and fulfilling profession. Whether you have a flair for creative problem-solving, strong analytical skills, or a passion for working with numbers, we are dedicated to aiding you in becoming an outstanding tax professional or practitioner.

Start your fulfilling career in tax by choosing a specialised path that aligns with your interests. Discover the optimal ways to study tax and attain the essential qualifications needed for success in the tax industry. Explore our wealth of resources and upskilling opportunities, and gain insights into the future skills required to excel in the evolving landscape of the tax industry.

Are you interested in specialising in tax?

Tax is a diverse and rewarding profession. Consider these questions and assess whether you possess the necessary qualities to excel as a tax professional or tax practitioner:

  • Can you think outside the box?
  • Do you thrive on finding original solutions to complex challenges?
  • Are you analytical minded?
  • Can you communicate with ease and clarity?
  • Do you have a natural affinity for working with numbers?
  • Do you possess strong business acumen?
  • Are you intrigued by technology?
  • Are you capable of being adaptable to new and unfamiliar situations?
  • Do you have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a commitment to lifelong learning?

Why study Tax?

Unlock a World of Opportunities with a Tax Career

Tax advisers are like superheroes, guiding businesses and individuals through the complexities of taxes. They provide strategic tax planning, assist with legal compliance requirements, and offer invaluable expertise in areas like mergers and acquisitions, tax and estate planning, and controversy and dispute resolution. Discover the diverse and flexible opportunities that await you in the field of tax.

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The Journey to Becoming a Tax Professional or Practitioner

Your Path to Becoming a Tax Expert

To kickstart your tax career, you'll need to complete a tax-specific qualification while gaining practical work experience. Our recommended route is through a learnership with an approved training office, such as a professional services firm in accountancy or tax law. Once qualified, you can specialise in various areas, including Corporate Tax, VAT, Employment Tax, or Controversy and Dispute Resolution. Whether you choose to work for yourself, a professional services firm, SARS, or explore international opportunities, the possibilities are endless.

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Upskill for Advancement

Enhance Your Tax Career with Upskilling

Are you already working in tax and looking to advance your career in the twenty-first century? Upskilling is the key to staying relevant and standing out in a competitive job market. We offer a wide range of upskilling opportunities, including online courses and CPD webinars. Explore our specialised tax courses in areas such as Transfer Pricing, International Tax, Administration of Deceased Estates, and Trust Administration. Don't forget to develop your soft skills, such as communication and critical thinking, essential for success in the complex world of taxes.

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Future Skills for Tax Professionals

Proof Your Tax Career with Essential Skills

The role of a tax professional is evolving rapidly. To thrive in the future, professionals need to possess a unique blend of skills. They must connect the dots, leverage technology, communicate effectively, and navigate the global tax environment. Developing strategic thinking, commercial awareness, and diplomacy is essential. Stay ahead of the game by upskilling in these areas and unlocking new opportunities in the dynamic tax landscape.

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Where Tax Professionals Work

Explore Diverse Career Paths in Tax

Tax professionals and practitioners find employment in various sectors:
  • Tax specialist consulting firms
  • Accounting firms
  • SARS
  • National Treasury
  • Corporations with in-house tax departments
  • Academic institutions
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Earning Potential of a Tax Career

Rewarding Earning Potential in the Tax Field

The earning potential for tax professionals in South Africa varies based on factors such as experience, qualifications, company type, and sector. Entry-level tax professionals can expect an average annual salary of around R300,000, while senior professionals can earn R3,000,000 or more per year. Discover how your earning potential can grow as you progress in your tax career.
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Start Your Journey to a Successful Tax Career Today!

Ready to specialise in tax and study tax for a rewarding career? Dive into the exciting world of tax and unlock a world of opportunities. Explore our Tax Professional and Tax Technician qualifications offered by The Tax Faculty. If you're already working in tax, take the next step and browse our various upskilling tax courses available online, anytime and anywhere.

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