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At The Tax Faculty, our mission is clear: to create meaningful change in people's lives. Collaborating with public and private partners, we've made significant progress over the past five years. Together, we've empowered over 816 individuals, providing them with the resources and training needed to thrive as tax professionals. As a recognised SARS public benefit organisation and a level 1 B-BBEE contributor, our commitment to transformation is unwavering.

For as little as R100, you can help shape a brighter future. Your contribution not only supports our cause but also comes with perks. Upon donating, you'll receive a section 18A certificate and a B-BBEE letter of confirmation, offering additional benefits for your generosity.

*Please note: The information provided below is required under section 18A of the Income Tax Act, 1962.

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Credit Card / Debit Card

Did you know that you can now use your debit card as a credit card for making online purchases?

You have no credit card associated with your account yet, please update your credit card information in order to use this payment method.

  • Expires: ({{ card.exp_month}}/{{ card.exp_year }})

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or Cancel and use existing card

An amount of R1 will be charged to activate your credit card, the R1 will be refunded within 24hours. Once you activate your credit card please proceed to payment.

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For more information on the programme and to get your organisation involved in igniting transformation in the tax profession through dedicated tax training and skills development, Please contact Vanessa Fox, Academic Dean via email
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