I want to thank Silindile, my course consultant, for her continued support, excellent sales skills, and great customer service.
Shalin Munien
I feel that your courses are presented very well. They teach us exactly how things work in practice, with a very good understanding of how SARS operates. I like how it flows weekly with a video, study guide, reading work, and a quiz to test our knowledge. I feel that after each week I know exactly what I am learning, and I have a good understanding before moving on to the next week. In my practice, it is my policy that all my employees must study. We have already registered three ladies. I have full confidence that they will greatly benefit my practice and clients. Thanks!
Marisca de Bruyn
We were recently at a seminar in Somerset West where there weren’t enough chairs, and Stiaan helped bring in new chairs. Someone asked Stiaan, and he said that one can't be the CEO and then sit back when things need to be done. This is again proof of your good leadership. Thank you. I have been studying with the Tax Faculty since 2016. I completed my Tax Technician exam through the Tax Faculty. Then in 2020 and 2021, I successfully completed my NQF8 Tax Professional studies with the Tax Faculty. In 2022, I did the Professional Certificate in Principles of International Tax.
Marisca de Bruyn
I contacted The Tax Faculty online regarding various courses and training, and Jennifer got back to me immediately with the relevant information. She has been nothing but amazing, consistent, informative, and very helpful. She is now my go-to whenever I need assistance on the platform. I highly recommend her and am very impressed by the service offered.
Sarah Corlett
I recently enrolled for the Professional Certificate in Estates and Trust Administration. One of the key motivators was to brush up on my knowledge regarding deceased estates and trusts. This course has been an eye-opener for me and has added so much value. It is literally the entire tax portfolio combined into one—tax on steroids! Personally, I have learned so much, shared my knowledge, and I know that I am on the right track with my next journey in life, making a difference in the lives of others.
Carmen Botha
Thanks so much for making and publishing the "SARS Auto assessment: Requesting a correction or revised assessment after 40 days" YouTube video! Very helpful!
Explore Pro Tech
I want to express my gratitude for the invaluable assistance The Tax Faculty and especially my course consultant, Thato, have provided throughout the duration of the course. Your dedication and willingness to assist has been truly commendable. Your efficiency in handling tasks without any complaints and the promptness with which you completed them has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for your exceptional support. It has been a pleasure working with you, and I am grateful for the positive impact you have had on my experience throughout the course.
Bongeka Ndebele
I completed the Professional Certificate in Accounting for Tax in Financial Statements at the end 2023. It is a brilliant course, and I really enjoyed it. Learned all the key skills for Tax reporting.
Arthur B.
What a pleasure to be part of the top 3 students of the Professional Certificate in Taxation 2023. The journey was not always easy and at the end with all the help from the facilitators it was possible to finish. Was indeed a great learning opportunity. Thank you The Tax Faculty
Lizzele Vermeulen
Just the very best CPD provider! Thanks to all at The Tax Faculty.
Sally Hansen
The Tax Faculty are absolutely amazing and I can personally recommend them. Apart from the brilliant study material they have fantastic lecturers and personnel who have consistently supported me over the past 4 years of my study journey with them. If you are considering a career in tax, I want to encourage you to enroll with them!
Alida van der Vyver
Learning from The Tax Faculty was a fantastic choice for me. I'm so thankful for all they did to help me pass my EISA 2023 exam. Without the financial support they gave me, I wouldn't have been able to study, so I'm very grateful for that too. I really appreciate all the help and I'll always be thankful.
Bernedette van der Walt
Your Tax Professional Course is one of the best courses that I have ever attended. With the quality of your teaching and study material, failing the EISA would have been a shame. You prepared me such that, despite having only a few months to prepare for the exam, I passed. Well done and maintain your excellence. To Roelannie, my course consultant, I appreciate the support you provided to me. You were always ready to assist. My journey to passing would not have been as possible without you.
Joey Kasvosve
Thank you for the team at The Tax Faculty for being so helpful. The course material is of such high quality. Thank you!
Ulandi van As
I am done with my exam!!! Thank you René and Thato for allowing me to write on Sunday and being there for me throughout the entire course. Thato your responses and assistance were always so quick. The team at The Tax Faculty is top-notch. I will recommend this institution and its courses to everyone who is interested. Now we can all relax. Thank you team!
Ulandi van As
Thank you Janet from The Tax Faculty for being so considerate and helpful. The Tax Faculty has proven again that they are the best! The amount of support you guys have from Tax Practitioner's is magic.
Pieter van Staden
I wanted to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Janet and her thoughtful responses. Her words have truly lifted my spirits and I'm sincerely touched by the effort she put in. It's reassuring to know that there are individuals who take the time to not only read emails but also recognise the potential and eagerness within a person. It's important to embrace every opportunity with gratitude and remain humble, for second chances are not always guaranteed. Thank you once again, Janet!
Louis Hattingh
How great is GOD though! I passed my 1st assessment so well. Thank you Roelánnie from The Tax Faculty for fighting for those who passed at least one of the Diagnostic Tests in order to continue with the RPL and not the two-year program.
Yolisa Sisusa
I just want to say thank you to everybody at the Tax Faculty, I passed my exam as a Top Performer! Thank you for pushing me, and for your kindness and understanding with all my queries! I can’t thank you enough!
Clarissa van Heerden
Thanks to The Tax Faculty I passed my summative assessment (EISA) that I wrote in July. I would like to express my appreciation to the whole Tax Faculty team, the lecturers, and everyone who was involved in my learning process. I am so grateful to the Tax Faculty for providing a supportive environment and excellent education which played a crucial role in my success.
Juliet Mufuka
What an enjoyable encounter and decision! I can absolutely recommend any professional or student to consider The Tax Faculty as their go-to institution when they want to further their studies and knowledge regarding taxes in South Africa. I enjoyed the course from day one. Congratulate The Tax Faculty on the quality and exceptional detail of your study material and presentation. I found the platform an extra bonus which added to the success of my studies. Last, but not least I want to say thank you to the staff, it was a good experience.
Ilse Garner
Janet you are amazing and I am so excited to be working with you.
Evelyn Sella
I feel the training is relevant and one of the few places that gives us affordable CPD training.
Elsabe Lubbe
The Tax Faculty webinars are simply the best!
MC Botha
The Tax Faculty has superior training consultants who are highly qualified and respected.
Lucille Kaspersen
The Tax Faculty offer top notch CPD training.
Tanya A Pitcher
The Tax Faculty's webinars are of great value and excellent standard. As a tax practitioner, I will always use them.
Santie van der Merwe
The CPD offered by The Tax Faculty are of high quality and so are the presenters.
Irene Forbes
Tax faculty webinars are excellent and definitely needed. It’s also always well prepared and addresses the point.
I Mouton
I want to express my gratitude to the Tax Faculty for their excellent management of the administrative tasks and for organising the course I attended in 2023 so well. Carmen did a fantastic job presenting the course. I will definitely recommend The Tax Faculty to anyone thinking about becoming a student.
Dirk Jooste
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional assistance you have provided me. Your eloquence and profound knowledge have been truly impressive. But what touched me the most was your patience and your willingness to listen. Despite my struggles, you took the time to understand and guide me through them. Your patience made me feel valued as a client. The video recordings and assessments have not only helped me prepare for my tests but also kept me informed and updated.
Tinashe Mutematsaka
The staff at tax faculty are incredibly helpful and resolve any issues with urgency when problems are encountered. The courses have been very informative with the different aspects to the learning material. Highly recommend.
Astrid Gaffney
I completed the income tax course and let me just say WOW. It helped to gain more knowledge and to get a good foundation. The case studies we worked through were a good way to apply the knowledge. The lecturers were very helpful and always willing to assist.
Pioneira Pelston
The Tax Faculty offers very interesting webinars where I can gather my CPD points. I already renewed my subscription for 2024.
Barbara Segalla
The Tax Faculty is the only CPD provider that provides me with affordable and relevant updates that keep me up to date on the areas that I work in. Furthermore, their exceptional client services show that The Tax Faculty is committed to providing affordable training to even small practices that can not afford the high costs of other CPD providers.
Wanita van Zyl
The value that The Tax Faculty’s excellent, well-presented, and topical webinars bring, far outweighs just my CPD points. I feel it does add value to my work and knowledge. Let's renew my subscription!!
SJ Du Plooy
The Tax Faculty provides excellent webinars covering subjects like recent court cases which I would never have studied otherwise. There’s always something to learn. I have renewed my subscription.
Richard O’Callaghan
The Tax Faculty has consistently demonstrated a commitment to excellence in every aspect of their CPD offerings. From the quality of the courses and resources to the competence of their instructors and the user-friendly platform, they have set a benchmark for what a CPD provider should be.
I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to The Tax Faculty for their exceptional work in curating the CPD program. The quality is truly outstanding. Despite not always being able to attend the live webinars, I find the content valuable that I make a point to listen to them later, and at times, multiple times. The wealth of useful information provided is greatly appreciated. I am pleased to announce that I have already renewed my subscription for the year 2024, a testament to the program's enduring value and the Tax Faculty team's dedication to excellence.
Marina Fourie
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