What is The Tax Faculty’s response to Mr. Engel withdrawing CPD provider accreditation on the basis of deficient institutional integrity?

We don’t know if Mr. Engel is aware of the deflective irony behind his claim, but it does reveal that he is either intentionally dishonest with SAIT members or is shockingly ignorant of the governance of his own organisation, most likely both in equal measure.

Mr. Engel admits on record that SAIT has no cause for concern for the high standard of CPD offered by The Tax Faculty or the quality of our lecturers. This is why his slanderous email, 14 February, cites “institutional integrity” as “one of three key factors required for SAIT CPD recognition.” It should come as no surprise that if you click on this link to read SAIT’s official CPD recognition criteria, SAIT makes no reference to "institutional integrity" as a qualifier. 

In desperation, Mr. Engel has now appointed himself arbiter of ethical business practices in order to justify his refusal for more than two years to provide The Tax Faculty with the SAIT CPD provider application form. The correspondence to obtain the CPD accreditation application form can be accessed here.

Although Mr. Engel is coming to realise that the SAIT members have little appetite to continue funding his legal wranglings, the ongoing abuse of power has blinded Mr. Engel to the harm and misery he is causing the staff and members of both organisations.


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