Employer Interim Reconciliation Declarations (EMP501)

The following has been implemented for the PAYE Interim Filing Season:

  • No new source codes were added, but there are minor changes to certain field types and validations.
  • Enhancements to IRP5 certificates.
  • Enhancements to Employment Tax Repository.
  • EMP201 returns for suspended (s-coded) Employers: Employers will be prevented from submitting EMP 201 returns once the Employer’s status reflects as suspended. This will be effective for the period from the date of suspension. See the guide here: PAYE-AE-06-G07 – Guide for Validation Rules Applicable to Reconciliation Declarations 2024 – External Guide.
  • Enhancements to EMP501 Reconciliation.
  • Section 95 estimates.

Updated external guides:

Source: SARS

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