The journey to advance your tax career

How to start your tax career

Introduction to a career in tax

There are three main areas of practice in a tax career, namely SARS compliance, advisory, and litigation. Please note that tax litigation is reserved for legal graduates admitted as officers of the high court.

In compliance, you will focus on detailed computations to calculate tax liability, submit tax returns by the relevant filing deadline, and deal with SARS on behalf of clients. As you advance your tax career, you may advance your compliance work in becoming a tax advisor to taxpayers. Tax consultants create tax strategies for their clients and plan their financial future.

Why choose tax as a career?

Tax is the heartbeat of all commercial transactions – it drives how decisions are made, no matter how big or small. It demands a pioneering way of thinking in a fast-paced environment. The 21st century tax professional and tax consultant are equipped to communicate effectively and deliver out-of-the box strategic thinking and big-picture perspective in order to contribute effectively to this dynamic Industry.

Tax courses and education

Specialist Diploma: Tax Professional
This qualification is registered at an NQF level 8 and the professional body responsible is the South African Institute of Tax Professionals (SAIT). Once successfully completing the final board exams (EISA) and required work experience, you are eligible for the prestigious SAQA registered designation, Tax Advisor (TA)

Your experience counts

If you have experience in tax services whilst working for an organisation, but lack formal education, you can formalise your experience through accelerated programmes which will recognise your prior learning and work experience.

Tax Employment opportunities

Tax technicians are recruited by taxation and accountancy firms, financial institutions, major legal firms, multinational corporations, government departments such as SARS, Treasury and Tax Ombud. As a registered SARS tax practitioner, you will be able to start your own tax practice where you can advise small corporates, partnerships, trusts and individuals and assist in compliance matters.

Starting the tax journey

This roadmap will show which course is right for you depending on where you are in your tax career. Click here to advance your career in tax.

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