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2020 Webinar: Offshore tax planning options for a SA tax resident Webinar 2

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2020 Webinar: Offshore tax planning options for a SA tax resident Webinar 2

Presenters : Mark Andrew Korten


Many South African residents want to make use of tax planning options to minimize their South African tax consequences.  Proper structuring is necessary to ensure that the most efficient options are made use of. If not, taxpayers might be faced with problems and unexpected tax consequences in future.  Structuring should not only take the current tax savings and benefits into account when structuring, but also the future tax that could arise in subsequent periods.  A holistic and long-term perspective is important in choosing the best tax planning option.

The second webinar in this series of three webinars will be taking place on 3 June 2020.  The webinar will focus on the process of setting up an active trading, consulting or IP exploitation business (or an extension of an existing South African business) outside of South Africa. The issues that will be covered in this webinar are:

  • The importance of a commercial main objective in dealing with the South African General Anti-Avoidance Rules
  • Using a “building blocks” approach in starting a legal structure, balancing cost and practicalities with the tax benefits and risks
  • The importance and practical challenges of ensuring that the “Place of Effective Management” of the business occurs outside of South Africa
  • Dealing with Controlled Foreign Company rules
  • The critical issue of creating foreign based substance and value added activity and the application of transfer pricing rules
  • Ensuring that no “Permanent Establishment” of the foreign business exists in South Africa
  • The role and benefits of Double Taxation Agreements and the effect of the Multi-Lateral Initiative, using Mauritius as an example
  • Some important South African Exchange control restrictions and rules, particularly regarding the exportation of capital from South Africa

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