Certificate in Accounting (NQF 5)

Start date: Aug 21, 2024

Payment options per semester:

Payment option 1: Once-off payment:

Tuition Fees: R28 900.00

SAICA Fees: R 10 600.00 (Textbooks, SAICA exam and learner registration fees)

Total Once-Off Fees: R 39 500.00

Alternatively, two semester payments: R19 750.00 per semester

Payment option 2: Debit order

Application fee: R1 950.00

First payment upon approval: R5 000.00

Monthly fee: R2 850.00 per month, twelve instalments per semester

*Prices Includes SAICA fees

Lecturer: Vanessa Fox
Lecturer: Hanri van der Merwe CA (SA)
Lecturer: Gainmore Gutsa

Please see full course payment breakdown below.

Course overview

This SAICA-accredited Certificate in Accounting is the essential foundational qualification for aspiring SAICA AT(SA) members and individuals who aspire to register as a tax practitioner with the South African Revenue Service (SARS). This NQF level 5 qualification offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers key areas such as tax, accounting, finance, and business fundamentals.

The qualification not only meets the minimum academic requirements set by SARS for registration as a tax practitioner, but also provides successful graduates with the professional credibility as a member of SAICA and a wider scope of career possibilities in the modern world of finance and business.

Mode of delivery

The Tax Faculty (TTF) delivers an authentic, student-centric learning experience within an interactive and modern virtual environment, facilitating connections between students, lecturers, and peers.

Duration and effort

Duration: 12 months.

Weekly effort: Six to Eight hours per week. 

What you will learn in this course

This course has 6 modules which must all be successfully completed to obtain this qualification.

  • Module 1: Financial Statements
  • Module 2: Personal Tax
  • Module 3: Budgeting
  • Module 4: Financial Performance
  • Module 5: Internal Control and Accounting Systems
  • Module 6: Business Tax

Note: Applicants completing the AT(SA) designation will also need to complete a Professional Ethics module.

Admission requirements

National Senior Certificate with Maths Literacy at NQF level 4, giving access to certificate study at higher educational level; or

FET Certificate: Accounting Technician (NQF4) qualification or an equivalent NQF4 qualification.

It is a requirement that students accessing the qualification are competent in language literacy, digital literacy and mathematical literacy. Access to a PC/laptop and high speed internet is required. Applicants must have exposure to accounting.

Why choose AT(SA)?

What you can do post course

Students who successfully complete this qualification will be able to:

  • Register with SAICA for its AT(SA) membership designation.*
  • Register as a tax practitioner with SARS.**
  • Eligible to register as a member with accounting controlling bodies such as IAC, SAIPA, CIBA, and SAIT).***
  • Start an accounting practice and confidently draft financial statements for small enterprises, manage budgets, and evaluate financial performance for clients.
  • Work in a corporate as a Financial Assistant, Accounts Manager, Financial Controller, Junior Accountant, Assistant Finance Manager, or Payroll Manager.

* Applicants are required to comply with any additional work experience criteria as set by SAICA.
** In addition to the academic qualification criteria, applicants must have at least four(4) years of tax work
*** Additional admission criteria may apply.


On successful completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Compile Income Tax Returns for Individuals: Calculate the income tax for an individual taxpayer and compile the ITR12 income tax return for submission to SARS.
  • Calculate and file Corporate Tax Returns: Conduct income tax calculation for corporate taxpayer and compile the ITR14 tax return for submission to SARS.
  • Draft Financial Statements: Compile financial statements for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
  • Prepare Forecasts and Budgets: Develop accurate forecasts and budgets for SMEs.
  • Analyse Enterprise Costs: Collect, analyse, and disseminate information regarding enterprise costs.
  • Evaluate Accounting Systems: Understand the principles of internal control and assess accounting systems.
  • Apply Ethical Principles: Implement general principles and behaviours of ethical working in accountancy.

Accreditation and NQF Level

The Tax Faculty (NPC) is accredited as an Academic Provider of the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants (SAICA) to deliver the Accounting Technician qualifications. Accreditation Number: ATTF0066/0524.

The qualification is registered with SAQA (SAQA ID: 80189) at an NQF Level 5.

Assessment and award of certificate

Final assessments for each module are completed in an online format by SAICA AT(SA). AT(SA) qualifications are competency-based, meaning learners must demonstrate competence in each module based on minimum standards.

Upon completion of the qualification, learners will receive the Certificate: Accounting (NQF 5, SAQA ID 80189) from SAICA.

Student support and virtual campus

The course is delivered on The Tax Faculty’s online virtual Campus (“My Campus”).

Students receive comprehensive orientation prior the commencement of the coursework. The orientation is focussed on navigating the My Campus platform and how to access the various resources available to support students successfully complete the course.

Coursework is delivered as micro-learning videos, study guides, practice quizzes, practical case studies, and assignments. Academic support are available through the My Campus Q&A portal.

At the start of each module, students receive a course content plan, a study plan, and calendar with important deadline dates. Upon successful completion of the formative assessment and declared competent, students will be eligible to register for the final summative assessment conducted by SAICA.

In addition, students will be allocated a course consultant who will support students throughout the programme from orientation until graduation.

Flexible payment options:

Payment option 1: Once-off payment 

Tuition Fees: R 28 900.00

SAICA Fees: R 10 600.00 (Textbooks, SAICA exam and learner registration fees)

Total Once-Off Fees: R 39 500.00

Alternatively, two semester payments: R19 750.00 per semester (every six months with the first payment due on or before course start).

Payment option 2: Debit order

Once-off application fee (non-refundable, immediate payment upon registration): R1 950.00.

  • Course deposit (to be paid before or on semester start date): R5 000.00.
  • Twelve (12) monthly instalments of R 2 850.00

* Debit orders will be collected on the first working day of each month.

Payments and cancellations

  • All required minimum payments must be made by direct EFT or by credit card before the commencement of a course. The once-off payment is required to be paid before the course start date, as well as the application fee of learners on a debit order plan (the first debit order is also required on the start date of the course).
  • Kindly note that should debit order payment terms not be adhered to; legal action will be taken and access to the online learning platform suspended.
  • Proof of payment may also be requested before access to the online platform will be communicated, should your payment not reflect on The Tax Faculty’s bank account.
  • Only written notice of cancellation will be accepted.
  • To view our full terms & conditions click here.


For courses with a 12-month or longer rollout, the following will apply:

  • If the cancellation is requested more than two weeks prior to the course start date, no cancellation fee will be applicable.
  • If the cancellation occurs less than two weeks prior to the course start date, a 25% cancellation fee will be applicable on the full course fee.
  • Should a cancellation be received within six weeks after the course start date, the student will still be liable for 50% of the full course fee.
  • Should the cancellation be received after six weeks of the course start date, the student will be liable for the full course fee.
  • Students who register for a course and fail to attend will be held liable for the full course fee.
  • The course application fee is non-refundable.
  • Students who have failed to successfully complete the course, and wishing to repeat will be charged the full course fee to repeat.

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