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Company Formations Part 3

Further explores the effects of applying section 42, considering what happens when the assets are sold for a combination of shares and cash, as well as the clawback provisions in section 42.

0.5 Hours | R49.00
Prof. Jackie Arendse

Company Formations Part 2

This video explains the effect of applying the section 42 Roll-over relief, with an illustrative example.

0.5 Hours | R49.00
Prof. Jackie Arendse

Company Formations Part 1

Setting up a company: aspects of shareholder financing. Selling a going concern to a company: general tax issues. Asset for share transactions: explains the general tax rules that will apply in the absence of the corporate rules, including sect ion 40CA; and then the application and effect of the section 42 rollover relief.

0.5 Hours | R49.00
Prof. Jackie Arendse

Company Formations Introduction

Outlines some of the the general tax aspects when setting up a company and when selling a going concern to a company as well as an overview of the corporate rules set out in Part III of the Income Tax Act.

0.5 Hours | R49.00
Prof. Jackie Arendse

Webinar: #TaxpayersRightsMatter with the Office of the Tax Ombud 2020

The Tax Season is upon us and the Office of the Tax Ombud (OTO) has launched an informative digital campaign, #TaxpayersRightsMatter. Its CEO, Prof Thabo Legwaila, will address stakeholders on this campaign as well as the extra efforts put in place, not only to promote awareness about the rights of taxpayers but also how the organisation is committed to defending the rights of taxpayers against any abuse or infringement by the South African Revenue Service. He will also address some of his concerns regarding challenges facing tax practitioners regarding their understanding of taxpayer rights and how and when the OTO assists with resolving taxpayers' complaints. The session will also address the following questions: What is #TaxpayersRightsMatter about? What is the OTO doing to advance the rights of taxpayers? What is the latest regarding the taxpayers' bill of rights that the OTO has advocated for since its inception? What are some of the issues the OTO is concerned about regarding tax practitioners and how these could be addressed?

2 Hours | R99.00
Prof. Thabo Legwaila

Administration of Deceased Estates 2020

Overview The multidisciplinary topic of administration of deceased estates is an often-neglected topic, be it in the academic curriculum of either law or accounting. This webinar workshop aims to provide practical guidelines and tips on the smoo th wrapping-up of a deceased estate and addresses issues commonly encountered, focusing on: Estate planning and wills. Role players in the administration process. Appointment and responsibilities of executor. Preparation of liquidation and distribution account. On completion of the session you should have gained enough confidence to monitor the smooth execution of such a process and will be able to attend to the wrapping-up of a simple estate on your own.

5 Hours | R295.00
Ilse Lombard – H Dip (Tax Law) , Pieter Lombard MTP(SA)
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