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2020 Webinar: Monthly Tax Update - November

Stay up to date in the fast-paced world of tax by participating in our regular monthly updates. This is the last monthly tax update in our 2020 series. In this session, we will bring you the latest tax news and developments, including – U pdate on the 2020 Amendment Bills Guidance on claiming tax deductions for home office expenditure (as requested in last months webinar) Latest case judgments Highlights related to recent updates to SARS documents such as Rulings, Interpretation Notes, Notices, etc. The webinar unpacks these developments, taking a practical approach to help you understand how the legislation and developments in the tax space may affect you, your employer and your clients. Join us for this webinar that promises to be extremely valuable in providing an overview of the most important changes and developments. #Be current! #Be relevant!

2 Hours | R475.00
Prof. Jackie Arendse

Essentials of International Tax (Webinar Series)

Overview This 4-part series provides an introduction to the basic principles that apply in international tax. The videos will take you through the key aspects that inform the South African tax treatment of international transactions, including &nd ash; The concept of “residence” How residents and non-residents are taxed in South Africa Basic principles of Double Tax Agreements and how to use a Double Tax Agreement. The series contains 3,25 hours of content and takes you through the main principles of international tax using examples to illustrate complex concepts. Part 1: Introduction and the concept of “residence” (30 minutes) This video introduces the series and explains how to determine whether a person is a “resident” for South African tax purposes, exploring the concepts of “ordinary residence”, “the physical presence test” and “place of effective management”. Part 2: How residents are taxed on international transactions (1 hour) In this video the presenter explains how a person that a “resident” under the Income Tax Act is taxed in South Africa on foreign income and capital gains. The video also discusses the deemed disposal that arises when a person ceases to be a resident. In addition, the video explains the principles of the foreign tax rebate provided in section 6quat of the Income Tax Act. Part 3: How non-residents are taxed in South Africa (30 minutes) The video explains how non-residents are taxed in South Africa on income and capital gains. The concept of “source” is explained and the video includes a discussion of the various withholding taxes that apply, including the dividends withholding tax, interest withholding tax, royalties withholding tax and the withholding tax on the sale of immovable property. Part 4: Basic principles of Double Tax Agreements (45 minutes) Double Tax Agreements play a crucial role in determining the tax liability on international transactions. This video explains the types of double tax and the role played by Double Tax Agreements. In the video, the presenter explains the different models and main features of Double Tax Agreements and takes you through a step-by-step process of how to apply a Double Tax Agreement in determining the South African tax liability on an international transaction.

2.75 Hours | R266.40

Annual Tax Update 2020-2021

Overview The year is almost over and 2021 is around the corner. Are you ready for 2021? Attend the Annual Tax Update to prepare you for what's coming your way in 2021. This four-hour webinar will unpack the tax amendments that have been inc luded in the following Bills (tabled in Parliament on 28 October 2020): Rates and Monetary Amounts and Amendment of Revenue Laws Amendment Bill, 2020. Taxation Laws Amendment Bill, 2020. Tax Administration Laws Amendment Bill, 2020. Recent tax case judgments and other developments. During this webinar, Prof Jackie Arendse will explain the amendments in a practical, comprehensible manner so that attendees can understand how to apply the amendments and the impact of the tax judgments, and how these may affect your businesses and personal finances. This webinar is a significant, must-attend event on the calendar of tax practitioners, accountants, and bookkeepers. Course Content In this webinar, we unpack and explore the 2020 tax amendments: Foreign employment income exemption: 183-day requirement. Exemption for employer-provided bursaries. Withdrawing from retirement funds upon emigration. Preference share structures and s 7C. Reimbursing employees for business travel. Doubtful debt allowance. Amendments to corporate reorganisation rules. Trust capital gains. VAT amendments. Tax administration. We also review recent tax judgments and new SARS rulings and interpretations.

4 Hours | R575.00
Prof. Jackie Arendse

Webinar: Compliance Series - Corporate taxpayers eFiling training - 2020 (Session 5)

Overview Do you need eFiling training and would like to know the ins and outs of eFiling? Join us for this practical case study-based workshop where we will navigate through the eFiling system and share useful tips and tricks along the way.

2 Hours | R475.00
Mandy Graaf CA(SA)

2020 Practical Q&A With Prof Jackie Arendse - Essentials Of International Tax (Session 5)

Overview Do you have questions related to relevant and topical matters and don't know where to find the answers? We have the answers for you! We are very excited to launch our new Q&A based webinar (series). The webinar (series) will focus on practical issues experienced and problems and difficulties arising in practice. What makes this webinar (series) different? The webinar will include pre-loaded videos covering the technical principles related to the topic which delegates can view at their own convenience Delegates have the opportunity to submit questions that they have of practical issues and problems and these will be addressed in the live Q&A event Delegates will obtain 3 hours verifiable CPD for each session aftersuccessful completion of assessment The world is becoming smaller and millions of businesses situated in different countries transact with each other on a daily basis. There are some risks associated with this (such as transfer pricing) and there are also some benefits related to this (such as reduced tax via double tax agreements). In this session we will be answering questions related to the practical difficulties experienced and questions arising related to international tax.

1 Hours | R475.00
Prof. Jackie Arendse

Customs Series: SARS Customs Internal Dispute Resolution - 2020 - Part 3

What happens when a taxpayer finds itself in a dispute with SARS (customs) even after making valid written submissions and attending various meetings? What are the taxpayer’s rights and remedies, and what actions can and should they take (and w hen) in defence of their case?

2 Hours | R475.00
Alison van Den Berg
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