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Webinar: Monthly Tax Update - April 2021

CPD Hours: 2

Price: R475.00

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Webinar: Monthly Tax Update - April 2021

Presenters : Prof. Jackie Arendse


Does it feel like the tax rules are changing by the minute and that it is difficult to keep abreast of changes? It's crucial for tax professionals to be informed and well-rounded. Our monthly tax update will bring you up to speed with the recent developments in the tax environment. Each monthly tax update brings you the latest tax news, highlighting:

  • The latest case judgements.
  • The most recent changes in tax legislation.
  • The key aspects of recent SARS documents published such rulings, interpretation notes, notices, etc.
  • Relevant tax news.
  • And any other recent developments.

Course content

Some of the key judgements that we will cover in the April 2021 update include:

  • Recent High Court judgement: ABSA Bank Ltd and Another v CSARS.
  • Recent High Court judgement: Wenco International Mining Systems Ltd and Another v CSARS.

The webinar unpacks these developments in a practical and understandable way to assist you in understanding the full impact of these changes and developments on you, your employer and your clients.

Who should attend?

  • The monthly tax update webinars will benefit all persons involved in taxation, such tax accountants, tax managers, tax advisors and those running a tax practice.
  • Furthermore, persons involved in the finance functions of businesses would also need to have an awareness of recent tax developments as this could impact decision-making. This includes accountants, bookkeepers, financial managers, financial directors.
  • Business owners will need to stay abreast of changes in the tax environment to properly structure and plan transactions.
  • Lawyers and attorneys, directly or indirectly involved in taxation, will benefit from staying up-to-date with the monthly tax update sessions.
  • The monthly tax update webinars will cover all developments across taxes covering individual taxpayers, corporate taxpayers, value-added taxation, estate duty, payroll taxes, etc.

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