The Effect of AI on Tax Departments

Duration: 2 Hours

Price: R195.00

Video Type: Single

Presenter: Mark Silberman



The Effect of AI on Tax Departments

Duration: 2 hours

Price: R195.00

Title / Topic

The Effect of AI on Tax Departments

Presenters : Mark Silberman


By staying ahead of the curve with technology-enabled solutions, tax professionals are now armed with the power to add greater value to their organisations and into the future. Firms who have automated with the right systems have all the necessary data to comply with current regulations for all regulators, such as SARS, CIPC, Masters and FIC. 

Video content

In this video, Mark will explore the following:

  • A risk based approach for a tax practice avoiding the risks.
  • How SARS is using data-driven insights, algorithms, and artificial intelligence in a bid to fight tax evasion.
  • How SARS is modernising its systems to provide digital and streamlined services to the public, rebuild trust and confidence in the tax collector.
  • AI and automated SARS tax return submissions, as well as the challenges they create.
  • The big call and push back for the uploading of trust distributions for pre-population and monthly EMP 501 reconciliations.
  • The impact of new shareholders disclosure on the ITR14 tax returns and on beneficial ownership.
  • How trust tax returns for all trusts need to be accounted for, including the uploading of all distributions via IT3T to SARS.
  • How to learn tax law and compliance issues using AI.
  • The blending of all disciplines in the accountants office to meet all the new regulatory requirements.

Competencies developed in this video

  • The setup of a tax department using a risk based approach.
  • The minimum risk based steps that you have to have in place to avoid financial and reputational damage.
  • How to automate all your tax processes.
  • How to gear up for the oncoming AI revolution.
  • How to blend and manage data in a practice.
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