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TaxCafe Discussion Forum- Resolving Current Tax Issues for SMMEs – May 2022

CPD Hours: 1.5

Price: R495.00

Title / Topic

TaxCafe Discussion Forum- Resolving Current Tax Issues for SMMEs – May 2022

Presenters : Carmen Westermeyer


This TaxCafé discussion forum focused on resolving the current taxpayer issues experienced by tax practitioners. This discussion forum provided an open dialogue and platform for tax practitioners to resolve current and “real-life” issues.

Video content

The monthly TaxCafé discussion forum was not a traditional recording developed by presenters, but rather deal with current issues experienced by tax practitioners that needs to be resolved.

Key topics discussed:

  • VAT Input on Property.
  • VAT Registration.
  • Debit Loans and how to deal with them.
  • Deregistration of Companies
  • Home Office Expenses
  • Motor Vehicle Considerations
  • Legal Recorse for Errors and Returns

Competencies developed in this CPD

After watching this discussion forum recording, you will be:

•    Informed about the best solutions to resolve current taxpayer issues.
•    Competent to efficiently and proactively resolve current issues experienced in your practice.
•    Able to guide your staff to effectively assist/support clients with their systemic tax issues.
•    Informed about available resources to resolve taxpayer issues.

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