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Provisional Tax Part 3

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Provisional Tax Part 3

Presenters : Prof. Jackie Arendse

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Do you have to pay provisional tax?
Are you a provisional taxpayer?
How do you calculate your provisional tax?
What do you do if you are charged a penalty or interest on provisional tax?

These are some of the many questions often asked, relating to provisional tax. This video series will answer these questions and more, and give you a good understating of how the provisional tax system works.

This is a 5-part series, which covers the following:

  • PART 1
    • What is provisional tax?
    • Who is a "provisional taxpayer"
  • PART 2
    • Requirements of a provisional taxpayer
    • Calculating the provisional tax liability
  • PART 3
    • Calculating estimated taxable income
    • Basic amount
  • PART 4
    • Provisional tax penalties
      • What types of penalties
      • What to do if you are charged a penalty
  • PART 5
    • Interest on over/underpayments of provisional tax

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