Excel Essentials

Essential Excel Skills for Tax Technicians (Beginner)

Duration: 2 hours

Price: R495.00

Title / Topic

Essential Excel Skills for Tax Technicians (Beginner)

Presenters : Dr Riana Steyn


The most universal pieces of software used throughout the workplace, and perhaps the world, is Spreadsheet software, such as MS Excel. This webinar was aimed at tax accountants who are already proficient in basic excel skills and will focus on developing the basic skills to be able to perform financial transactions using the MS Excel software.

Data sets will be provided to create a practical, hands-on experience. Data sets to be used during the webinar include:

  • Quotes and order forms.
  • Price lists and inventory (stock).

Webinar content

This practical webinar (presented in interactive workshop format) will develop an applied understanding of essential Excel skills aimed at improving productivity.

The main concepts that will be discussed in this webinar are:

  • Writing formulas in cells to perform calculations.
  • Tracing errors and formula auditing.
  • Designing a workbook so that calculations can be automatically updated if input values are changed.
  • Work with multiple worksheets.
  • Understand how functions work: syntax, arguments, and algorithms.
  • Importing of text data into Excel.
  • Use of functions to calculate total, average, minimum, and maximum values.
  • Organize a workbook.
  • Using data analysis tools to assist in problem solving.
  • Statistical functions that determine values.
  • Apply custom number formats to data.

Competencies developed in this CPD

  • Data analytics.
  • Digital affinity.
  • Analytical thinking.
  • Review, analyse and monitor.

After completing this webinar, you should be able to:

  • Comfortably navigate the Excel user interface, entering, manipulating, and formatting data.
  • Use various functions and formulas to be able to analyse and calculate data, as well as work with multiple sheets.
  • Use formulas and functions to perform calculations on data.
  • Analyse data and present the results in a user-friendly way.
  • Apply custom number formatting in cells.

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