Corporate Tax

Dividend Tax - 2021

CPD Hours: 2

Price: R475.00

Title / Topic

Dividend Tax - 2021

Presenters : Carmen Westermeyer


This webinar is designed for delegates that need to understand dividends tax from A to Z. The importance of having a proper understanding of dividends tax is highlighted by the fact that dividend tax must be paid to SARS by the end of the following month, if not, penalties and interest will be levied (which is something that all taxpayers would like to avoid).

This session will cover all elements of dividends tax from the administrative requirements, compliance requirements of the dividend tax due, and how and when dividend tax should be paid.

Course content

This session will cover the following topics:

  • Administrative responsibilities.
  • Income Tax Act definitions.
  • Exempt dividends.
  • Dividends and how its calculated.
  • Company liability vs shareholder responsibility.
  • Refunds vs rebates.
  • Problem areas.


After attending this webinar, delegates will have gained an understanding of the competencies mentioned below:

  • Understand a company’s responsibilities with respect to dividends tax.
  • Determine what a dividend is for income tax purposes.
  • Understand the submission process for the DTR01.
  • Understand the shareholders responsibilities with regards to dividends tax.
  • Understand the difference between STC and dividends tax.

Who should attend?

Any person who is looking to gain an understanding of dividends tax would benefit from this webinar. It would also benefit anyone who is responsible for the calculation and submission of documents related to dividends tax to SARS. Also, any individual that is looking for a refresher on dividends tax – no prior knowledge is required for this session.

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