Administration of Estates

Deceased Estates 2022: Wills and Intestate Succession

Duration: 2 hours

Price: R495.00

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Deceased Estates 2022: Wills and Intestate Succession

Presenters : Carmen Westermeyer


Dealing with death and assets is always a challenging affair. From ensuring that the assets are distributed as intended to dealing with the administrative realities of winding up an estate, we need to ensure that the paperwork is correct. In particular, executors of an estate need to understand how wills and intestate succession work to ensure that the wishes of the deceased are met. Executors would also need to ensure that all obligations are met, including the requirements of the master and SARS. The aim of this three-part series is therefore to discuss the requirements of the Administration of Estate Act, the Wills Act, the Intestate Succession Act as well as the tax liabilities of the estate.

Webinar 1: Wills and Intestate Succession

Ensuring that your wishes are followed once we pass on is a concern for all of us. In this webinar, the following will be unpacked:

  • What are the requirements for a valid will?
  • What terms can be in a will?
  • What happens if my will is invalid?
  • How does Intestate succession work?

Competencies developed in this webinar

After attending this webinar, you will be:

  • Informed about the legal requirements of drafting a valid will.
  • Able to advise on the interplay between wills and intestate succession.
  • Up to date with the latest case law surrounding inheritances.
  • Informed about how intestate succession works and be able to apply it.

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