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Current Tax Issues for SMMEs - 2021

CPD Hours: 4

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Current Tax Issues for SMMEs - 2021

Presenters : Prof. Jackie Arendse


This webinar-workshop will focus on current tax issues that are particularly relevant to the SMME sector. The topics that will be covered in the workshop include income tax, dividends tax, capital gains tax (CGT) and VAT. The workshop will also explain all business phases relevant to SMMEs, from incorporation or starting up, to the ongoing running of a business. Furthermore, some of the tax issues that arise in business rescue situations or final winding up will be discussed.

The webinar-workshop will include a discussion of the tax relief and tax planning opportunities that are available to SMMEs and what common risk areas SMME owners and advisors need to watch out for. The investment in attending this workshop will pay for itself many times over as attendees will not only come away with a wealth of information that can be applied immediately but will also save time and costs that might otherwise be incurred in terms of penalties, interest, and disputes with SARS.

Workshop-webinar content

This webinar-workshop will focus on the tax aspects of small business, including the following:

  • Tax risk management for SMMEs.
  • Tax administration provisions that affect small businesses.
  • Small business corporations – do you qualify and what is the real benefit?
  • What is turnover tax and how does a business qualify as a micro business?
  • Dividend’s tax and the withholding obligation.
  • The tax pitfalls of interest-free and low-interest loans.
  • Provisional tax.
  • VAT issues and current VAT challenges, including:
    • Registration and deregistration.
    • Common VAT errors that you need to avoid.
    • Selling your business as a going concern.
  • CGT issues, including:
    • What happens when you sell your shares or your business?
    • CGT relief on the sale of small businesses.
    • Transferring assets to your company.
  • PAYE, UIF and SDL obligations.
  • Assessed losses.
  • Tax challenges in business rescue, liquidation and winding up.
  • What’s the possible way forward with tax incentives for SMMEs?

Who should attend?

Small business owners, tax practitioners, entrepreneurs, advisors, auditors, accountants, bookkeepers, academics, company directors, and anyone involved in small business management. Jackie has a particular interest in the development of the small business sector and will share valuable information in this webinar-workshop that will assist any small business owner or advisor.

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