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Carbon Tax Series: Carbon Tax 101 – An Overview (Part 1) - 2022

CPD Hours: 2

Price: R495.00

Title / Topic

Carbon Tax Series: Carbon Tax 101 – An Overview (Part 1) - 2022

Presenters : Jason Daniel

This session covered the following:

  • What is carbon tax:
    • The carbon tax landscape in South Africa.
    • Reasons as to why carbon tax was introduced.
    • The Carbon Tax Act framework.
    • Phase 1 of carbon tax vs phase 2 of carbon tax.
    • Who is considered a taxpayer under the Carbon Tax Act?
  • Greenhouse gas emissions covered:
    • The national environmental management: Air Quality Act.
    • The national greenhouse gas emission reporting regulations.
    • The technical guidelines for monitoring, reporting and verification of greenhouse gas emissions by industry.
    • The linkage between the Carbon Tax Act and environmental legislation.
    • Section 4 of the Carbon Tax Act: “The Tax Base.”
  • Carbon tax calculation:
    • Section 6 of the Carbon Tax Act.
    • SARS DA180: Environmental levy accounts.
  • Allowances:
    • Basic tax-free allowance.
    • Process emissions allowance.
    • Fugitive emissions allowance.
    • Trade exposure allowance.
    • Performance allowance.
    • Carbon budget allowance.
    • Carbon offsets allowance.
  • Compliance:
    • SARS DA185: Registration and licensing requirements.

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