Annual Cross-Border Considerations For Advisors 2023: Global Families and Business Owners - Day 2

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International Tax

Annual Cross-Border Considerations For Advisors 2023: Global Families and Business Owners - Day 2

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Annual Cross-Border Considerations For Advisors 2023: Global Families and Business Owners - Day 2

Multigenerational wealth and succession planning for families change over time due to various factors, such as changes in legislation, in leadership and family dynamics. As an advisor, or as a member of a family unit or business entity, it remains critical to stay in tune with these changes.

We have seen the importance of understanding the values of different generations in their succession choices, for the success of their businesses and families.. Environmental issues and sustainable investments have grown in importance for younger generations. Digitalisation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution have changed the world we live in and how we live. Society impacts the way we do business, and it is important to embrace best practices.

South Africans have widened their horizons and some have opted to become global nomads. Emigration has also increased over the past years. High net worth individuals explore different jurisdictions to expand their estate planning outcomes for intergenerational wealth and succession strategies.

This brings new challenges for managing family wealth and the family legacy. It therefore becomes critical to understand the impact of taxation, inheritance, and estate planning in a global world.

Our cross-border recording will highlight the most prevalent changes impacting your clients and their wealth and the expansion of their businesses from Africa to beyond.


We are living in uncertain times.

International legislation, greylisting, cyber (in)security and global transparency impact the way we do business and how we advise our clients. During the two day recordings you will be able to tap into a wealth of experience, expertise and professional support.

Join the networks and gain insights into the areas that are impacting your clients to offer them the best solutions at a time they need it the most. Understand how to deal with difficult family discussions, gain insights into their dreams and their goals. Understand your client and the changing business landscape to give the right tax advice to minimise their risk exposure and for you to stay relevant.

Key considerations

The world is becoming increasingly complex and it is important to have the right tools to be able to navigate these stormy times. Without knowledge it is easy to end up in a web of misunderstanding, unrealistic expectations, and projections.

Remain on top of compliance requirements, understand new opportunities and gain valuable insights into the latest advisory trends.

Competencies developed in this recordings

After attending this event, you will be:

  • Updated about the national and global advisory landscape for ultra-high-net worth (UHNW) families.
  • Able to understand different jurisdictional challenges and opportunities for clients, from a tax, exchange control and comparative point of view.
  • Informed in terms of international tools and networks that you can use for your practice and areas to improve your business flow and client service model.
  • Able to assist clients to use methods and techniques to preserve and protect wealth that will last longer through international legacy insights and trends.
  • Knowledgeable about the importance of next generation topics to help clients reach the next level of wealth and succession planning.
  • Informed about the importance of philanthropy in the wealth and succession arena and how to incorporate this into your conversations.
  • Able to provide valuable insights to clients in terms of wealth taxes straight from Switzerland to South Africa.

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