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Administration of Deceased Estates - 2021

CPD Hours: 4

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Title / Topic

Administration of Deceased Estates - 2021


The multi-disciplinary topic of administration of deceased estates is an often-neglected topic, be it in the academic curriculum of either law or accounting. During this webinar workshop, we will walk through the entire process, provide tips, and equip you to identify pitfalls, focusing on:

  • Recent ground-breaking case law on the definitions of ‘spouse’ and ‘parent,’ and the impact thereof on intestate succession and fiscal laws.
  • Estate planning and wills.
  • Role players in the administration process.
  • Appointment and responsibilities of an executor.
  • Drafting of the liquidation and distribution account.

Workshop-webinar content

This webinar aims to provide practical guidelines and tips on the smooth wrapping-up of a deceased estate, and addresses issues commonly encountered, such as (but not limited to):

  • The drafting of a will (which might include generation-skipping).
  • The applicability of taxes such as donations tax, transfer duty and estate duty.
  • Accrual claims by or against an estate. 
  • Common law and statutory claims for maintenance by either a dependant of the testator or a surviving spouse.
  • Re-distribution agreements.
  • Section 18(3) estates.
  • Monetary advances to dependants during the period when an estate is frozen.
  • The role of trusts.
  • Executor’s fees.
  • Master’s fee tariffs for deceased estates.

Upon wrapping-up of an estate, the executor is responsible for the preparation of a liquidation and distribution account – this is one of the most important tasks and responsibilities of an executor. In this session, specific emphasis will be placed on this aspect..


On completion of the webinar-workshop, you should have gained enough confidence to monitor the smooth execution of such a process and should be able to attend to the wrapping-up of a simple estate on your own.

Who should attend?

Tax managers/consultants, heads of tax, financial directors, accountants.

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