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2020 Webinar: Financial emigration vs tax emigration

CPD Hours: 2.5

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2020 Webinar: Financial emigration vs tax emigration

Presenters : Hugo van Zyl

Various South Africans are required to work abroad. Many questions arise related to the taxing of income earned by these South Africans. Double tax agreements, the location of the employee’s family and home, the duration of the agreement and various other factors could impact the tax consequences and considerations. An assessment is then necessary of whether the South African is tax non-resident or has emigrated because of a treaty or other circumstances, and whether the correct process was followed from a financial, legal and tax perspective. The new tax rules impact differently on expats, all depending on the Income Tax Act’s definition of “tax resident” as applied to their personal circumstances.

Course Content

Join Hugo van Zyl who will share his expertise on, inter alia, the following practical problems:

  • An update on the process already put in place by SARS (existing and new processes).

  • What does South African employers of seconded staff need to do?

  • What are the VAT implications of assignment-related cost charges?

  • Are the assignment-related costs borne by the home entity deductible for corporate income tax purposes?

  • Some countries in the Middle East have double tax agreements with South Africa, but the problem is that a lot of them don’t have a tax revenue office, which means you cannot get a tax resident certificate to prove to SARS that you’re a tax resident there. What process should then be followed?

  • If a couple is based in South Africa, and one spouse is predominantly working outside the country in Africa and the other is working in South Africa, will they be regarded as SA tax residents?

  • Does it matter whether you work in a country with no double taxation agreement or in a country where there is a double taxation agreement? Does it have an impact on residency?

  • What is the (financial, legal and tax) process to change my residency status? Can I do this myself or do I need to get a professional involved? How does it impact on my employer?

  • If I change my residency status to not resident, can I still own property in SA?

  • What will be the tax consequences when changing my residency status and are there ways of reducing this tax?

  • Must I give SARS a physical address in SA or outside SA when I am a non-resident?

  • Does the fact that I have a dual passport impact my residency status?

  • I have left SA and don't have the intention to return. Could I be subject to penalties on my unplanned return? If so, can I get them reduced or remitted?

  • Do I still need an active tax reference number if I become non-resident and own property in SA or have an investment in SA?

  • As a non-resident, must I still submit a return when withholding tax was withheld on interest or royalties or dividends?

  • OK, I am liable for expat tax, but when and how do calculate it and how do I pay SARS?

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