Corlia Faurie CA(SA)

Corlia started out in corporate training in 2020, when she joined ProBeta Training as a facilitator in taxation. Following the completion of her Honours degree in Accounting Sciences at the University of Pretoria, she joined the university as an assistant lecturer and academic trainee in the Department of Taxation, after which she completed her qualification as an audit trainee at BDO South Africa.

Since joining ProBeta Training, Corlia has facilitated courses for many tax matters, as well as ethics related courses for professionals in the industry. She has assisted in developing the annual Tax Guides with ProBeta Training and has also developed an additional tax guide for employers in 2021.

With a passion for not only educating but also enabling others, she strives to impart valuable tax knowledge and promote an attitude of moral courage that extends beyond mere taxes, and hopefully reaches into the lives of others.

Events that was hosted by Corlia Faurie CA(SA)

Event Start Date CPD Hours Status
Current Tax Issues for Individual Taxpayers 2021 20 July 2021 4 Hours
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Resources On-Demand presented by Corlia Faurie CA(SA)

Title Hours
Current Tax Issues for Individual Taxpayers 2021 4
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