Storing your credit card details

Please note that your credit card details are not stored on our system, however, we work with a tokenization system, a unique token that was returned from our provider called Peach Payments (This is our Credit Card provider and they are PCI DSS Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Level 1 Certified).

When entering your credit card details into our system, our system submits a direct request to our service provider called Peach Payments, they then validate your credit card to protect you against fraud and if the verification process was completed and successful they will return a unique token to us that we may store and charge against in future.

By storing your actual credit card details on our system would be a massive security risk for yourself and also for us, hence the reason why the tokenization system was implemented. 

The above functionality has been implemented for ease of use, this way once the unique token was returned from our provider for your credit card and saved by our system you can continue buying products / events without having to repeatedly enter your credit card details. This is called a 2 click checkout method.

We can ensure that all safety precautions has been followed and that the service provider we use is completely safe and that your unique token will not be used anywhere else besides on our system
The above is just so that everyone can understand how it works for future reference.

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