Solving the Expat Tax Conundrum (Full Series) - 2021

Date: Aug 18, 2021 - Nov 15, 2021

CPD hours: 2 Hours

Time: 15:00 - 17:00

Event Type: Webinar

Presenter: Hugo van Zyl

The expat tax conundrum facing all South African ID book or smart cardholders is debugged in this three-part series aimed at the South African expat, tax non-resident and their tax and financial advisers.

Solving the Expat Tax Conundrum (Full Series)


The expat tax conundrum facing all South African ID book or smart cardholders is debugged in this three-part series aimed at the South African expat, tax non-resident and their tax and financial advisers. Expats (being South Africans and individuals in possession of a South African ID document not living in the country) are left confused. Home affairs cancelled their passports, the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) blocked their right to transfer ZA Rands (ZAR) abroad and the South African Revenue Service (SARS) threatens them with common reporting standards (CRS) and expat tax.

A Checklist of Considerations when Ceasing to be a Tax Resident (Part 1) – 18 August 2021

The webinar will cover a discussion of the following important aspects to consider:

    • What is the difference between tax emigration clearance (TEC) and a declaration that I ceased to be a tax resident?
    • What pre-verification tax compliance checks will be done?
    • What supporting documentation is required?
    • How will tax treaties impact me?
    • How should unintended non-compliance be addressed and corrected?
    • When will the voluntary disclosure programme (VDP) be the best option to consider and when will and objection be the best course of action?
    • How should I deal with SARS queries?
    • How does the common reporting standard (CRS) obligations impact me and who should be notified when I cease to be a tax resident?
    • How can ZAR be transferred to my new country of residence?
    • What is my estate duty exposure as a non-resident?
    • How should I deal with the remaining South African assets?
      • SA pension fund and living annuity.
      • SA trust assets.
      • How to deal with the trustees.
    • Are there any special Covid-19 rules applicable?

Cease Tax Residency – The New Process Post-Formal Emigration (Part 2) – 14 September 2021

    • Pre-emigration planning and options:
      • Should I retain my South African trust or ask the family to remove me?
    • Ordinarily resident test vs. tax treaty:
      • The risk of tax treaty-based position.
      • May I visit South Africa in the next five years?
    • How and when should I notify SARS, SARB and my bankers:
      • Should I bother notifying the bankers?
    • How and when can I encash my retirement funds?
    • ITR12 filing for the non-resident taxpayer.
    • Collation of the supporting documentation.
    • Exit tax – section 9H calculations.
    • Post-tax emigration – what now? SARS vs SARB.
    • Capital gains tax on a future disposal of South African situs assets.
    • My estate duty exposure on SA situs assets vs worldwide assets:
      • Death duty treaties, USA, and UK.

Diasporic South African Family (Part 3) – 15 November 2021

    • Should I risk ceasing to be a tax resident?
    • How do I deal with the children born abroad vs children born in South Africa?
    • Estate planning tips:
      • Single will or will per jurisdiction?
        • Forced heirship – European and Sharia law jurisdictions.
      • Master of the High Court rules.
      • Must we update Home Affairs on the foreign death of a South African national?
    • Keep my immovable property such as the holiday home in my own name, trust, or a company?
    • The loop rule update – how to vs why not to use this new permission:
      • The loop rule impact on South African trusts and the old restrictive trust deeds.
    • Capital gains tax rules on South African situs assets.
    • Donation’s tax and the expat vs the tax non-resident:
      • ITA section 7C and section 31 deemed donations on low or interest-free loans.
    • I may come back to South Africa – short vs longer-term returns:
      • Pre-immigration planning.
    • How to deal with old trust deeds and new exchange control rules.

Who should attend?

Tax advisors, financial planners, tax lawyers, persons interested in emigrating, persons who have family who have emigrated.


Hugo van Zyl, Master Tax Practitioner (SA) TEP CA(SA)

Based in Cape Town, Hugo runs his own private tax practice as well as a joint venture tax and formal emigration business.

Hugo emigrated his first client in May 1993, two months after the Chris Hani murder, and since then he has lectured SA expats, SA capital gains tax and income tax in Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, London, Amsterdam, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Mauritius, as well as locally throughout South Africa. Since 1993, Hugo has assisted several expats, Saffas and global citizens in entering and exiting South Africa, not only from a tax perspective but also as a cross-border exchange control and multi-jurisdictional trust and estate specialist.

In 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019, Hugo was an active tax specialist and fiduciary panellist at the Tax Indaba. In 2020, he was a guest speaker at national AGM of the Fiduciary institute of South Africa. He has presented webinars for both the South African Institute of Taxation (SAIT) and The Tax Faculty and a country-wide roadshow on the then new section 7C tax rules.

Hugo is not only a PBO/NGO specialist providing tax and practical advice; he also spent many years as national treasurer for both the Association of Round Tables (ARTSA as it was then known) and Chaine des Rôtisseurs Afrique de Sud (

Hugo is known by his international Twitter handle, @wegkaner.


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